Fence Repairs

There are times when a poor-installed or poor-quality fence deteriorates very quickly; a wooden fence may start to lose its stability and the joints may start to loosen; metal fence that hasn’t been coated well may start to corrode etc. If you have noticed any signs of deterioration in your fence installations, you should call a good fence contractor without delay. They would be able to provide the fence repair services you need. Read more about Fence Repairs »

Fence Rentals

Fence is an essential feature, not just on residential properties, but on commercial, industrial and governmental ones too. Fence adds security, safety, value to your property and gives the perimeter a well-defined look. In some cases, property owners need to fence in a construction site or even an event venue; but may not want a permanent fence installed. This is where fence rental companies come in handy. Read more about Fence Rentals »

Fence Gates

Fences add to the security, privacy, aesthetics and value of your property. These features can be customized to your needs; built to complement the architectural elements on your property and the design and styling of the elements in your landscaping. But in addition to choosing the right materials, designs and dimensions for your fences, you also need to make sure you choose your fence gates with care. Read more about Fence Gates »


While there are a number of benefits to adding a fence to your property, you need to ensure you are hiring the right professionals for the job. Building fences that are secure, sturdy and long-lasting takes skill and experience and it’s important that you hire experts like the ones at Florence Fence Inc. for the job! Read more about Fence »

Fence Installation

Fence is one of the most basic features that property owners add to their land when they move into a new home. This element adds to the beauty of your home, helps demarcate your property, adds a neat and well-planned look to the open spaces and increases the privacy, security and value of your home as well. Read more about Fence Installation »

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