Wire Fence

Do you have a ranch or a large property that needs to be secured? Call Florence Fence Inc. today to get the most structural and economical option for your fence. We can install wire fence around your property or ranch. Wire fence is our best option if you need to secure a large area at the most economical cost. Wire fence is strong & requires minimal components and accessories to build. A wire fence is typically more economical to install compared to vinyl, wood, chain-link, or iron fences. We have installed numerous weld-wire & non-climb wire fence, as well as vinyl coated wire and barbed wire fences. We offer the highest quality wire fence materials available. Contact us to get a free quote.

We sell all types of fence materials. Call for details on any type of fence project shown below.

Non-climb Wire | Weld-wire | Barb-wire

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Vinyl Coated Welded Wire
Welded Wire 1
Welded Wire 2
Non-climb Wire Fence 6

We Provide Services to the Following Cities in Nevada & California: