Temporary Fence Services

Do you need a temporary fence for your special event or construction site? Are you an event organizer or contractor looking for a company that can provide temporary fences for crowd control and improve the security in the area temporarily? Please call us at Florence Fence Inc. for all your temporary fence needs today. We offer fence rental services for all types of clients across the state of Nevada and areas of California. We have the capability to meet clients’ requirements, whether small or large temporary rental fence projects. We also guarantee fast delivery and quick fence set up anywhere in our surrounding areas. Please call us so we can discuss your temporary rental fence project’s requirements.

Reliable Fence Rental Services

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, so we make sure that we accommodate the needs and requirements of our clients. At Florence Fence Inc., you are assured of sturdy and well-built fences that can effectively serve their intended temporary function. Whether your purpose is to secure a construction area or control a crowd in an event, we can provide the right fence design and type. We offer the most competitive temporary fence service in the Northern Nevada area.

Our temporary rental fence services include job-site delivery, installation, tear-down, and removal of the fence panels from your job site or property. We send enough manpower and follow systematic procedures to avoid causing delays in the installation or removal of your rented fence and gates. Our temporary fence solutions are best used for:

  • Construction sites
  • Residential housing sites
  • Sports facilities
  • Emergency restoration zones
  • Parks and fairgrounds
  • Swimming pools and other water features
  • Restricted work areas
  • Parking lots
  • Yards and garden areas
  • Special events, concerts, and gatherings

Top-quality Fences and Gates for Rent

The quality of our fences and gates has been tried and tested by countless satisfied clients. Our temporary fence panels were fabricated using premium-grade materials and designed according to industry standards. Choose the right type of fence for your project with various designs and sizes. We also offer shade cloth and privacy screens to limit visual access and improve security in your project site. Our complete fence rental package is highly recommended for security and crowd control or temporary fence in construction areas. Our fence panels are available in 4ft and 6ft tall chain-link panels and 4ft tall crowd-control panels. We also have sturdy gates with wheel casters. Please let us know if you have specific requirements so we can recommend the right size and type.

Call us at (775) 882-2244 or (775) 267-9918 for a free quote on our fence rental service.

Florence Fence Inc. Supplies:

6’tall Chain-link Panels with or without Shade Cloth

(Shade Cloth Available in Many Different Styles & Colors)

Temporary Fence Services
6’ Chain-link Panels
Temporary Fence Services    Temporary Fence Services
Green & Blue Shade Cloth. (Available in many different styles & colors.)

4’tall Chain-link Panels.

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Temporary Fence Services
4’ Chain-link Panels
We offer: Job-site Delivery,
Install, Tear-down & Removal

4’tall Crowd-control Panels.

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Temporary Fence Services
4’ Crowd-control Panels
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Gates with Wheel Casters.

Temporary Fence Services
4’ Crowd-control Panels